Scanning Services

How do you want me to organize my color slide scanning order?

If you want your color slides scanned and saved in a specific order then they should be numbered on the slide mounts in sequencial order. Then group them in stacks of 50 or 100.

How many slides can i fit on my DVD Slideshow?

You can fit approximately 1000 slides onto your DVD Slideshow but I would rarely recommend using this many. Peoples attention spans are not that lengthy. Sometimes less is more. You would be far better off editting out just the best images to keep peoples interest longer.
If slides are of poor quality it will just detract from the overall presentation. A good number would be between 200 and 500 slides.
This will give you a running time of about 20 to 55 minutes.

What if my color slides look dark, faded out, or discolored?

The scanning software we use can auto adjust for those issues but in severe cases it may not be enough. In some cases a custom scan may be necessary.

Most of my slides are 35mm but some are square in format. Can those slides be scanned as well?

Yes, We can scan 126 and 127 slides as well. There is a little higher cost with those sizes. If your job is not a slideshow and we are just scanning and saving to a disk then we will scan all the 126 size slides together as a separate group.