DVD Transfer Services


Images of the Past can transfer your old 8mm & 16mm movie film as well as your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV to DVD for easier viewing and to assure longer preservation.

For movie films we can do 8MM, Super 8 and 16MM. Tape types include VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV and Beta.
We can fit 2 Hours of media on a DVD.

What that means for Movie Film is 1600 feet of reg. 8 or Super 8MM. And 3200 feet of 16MM Movie Film.

What that means for Video Tape media is 2 Hours of running time recorded per DVD.  If you have 2 tapes containing 1 hour of footage each, we can combine that to 1 DVD. Any more than that and there will be an extra source charge incurred.

* Special Note * - Just because a tape says 120 minutes does not always mean a full tape contains 2 hours of running time. The camera

was capable of different record speeds and could hold 4 or 6 hours of footage depending on the speed the camera was set on at the time.

The higher record speeds, or longer play time settings results in a lower quality recording as well.
The following guide shows how many feet of movie film a FULL reel contains:

                                     3" reel =  50ft.

                                     4" reel = 100ft.

                                     5" reel = 200ft.

                                     6" reel = 300ft.

                                     7" reel = 400ft.


Yes, you will get all of your movie film back afterwards. Your smaller 50ft reels will be spiced onto a larger 400ft reel in the specified order you give us.

Reels need to be numbered in the order you want them transferred to the DVD. Usually this is done by date or subject matter. If you have more than 1600ft. of movie film it will be treated as 2 seperate orders so divide the film groups accordingly.