Restoration Services

Our restoration artists are among the best in their respective fields. We employ both traditional artists that use air brushes, pencils and various other drawing tools and digital artists that utilize the best in modern digital technology.

We provide the two different styles because each has different advantages.

1) Traditional prints:
  a) Our traditional Black & White and Sepia prints are hand processed using an archival fiber base photographic printing paper and archival processing methods. This treatment results in one of the longest lasting and durable prints possible, 200+ years in proper storage conditions.
  b) If an image is going to be hand-colored, this method will accept the oil paints and allow them to penetrate the surface resulting in an unrivaled richness and depth of color.
  c) Some clients prefer the look and feel of the authentic, hand processed black & white photo paper.

2) Giclée Prints:
   a)  Our giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) prints are printed on 100% cotton paper that contains NO optical brighteners and is acid and lignin free. We use a pigmented ink set that ensures that these prints will last for generations. The combination of our paper and ink set has been accelerated tested to 70+ years under normal framing conditions (under regular glass and out of direct sunlight).
   b)  Unlike traditional printing where we are limited to B&W images, using the giclee method we can reproduce color images as well as B&W images.