Photographs are snapshots in time. They can tell wonderful stories that have lasting impressions on us all. Ensure your photos will not become a fading memory.

At Images of the Past we can restore and preserve your memories for future generations. We are experts in that field, as photo restoration specialist for the last 25 years.

To restore your treasured images we may use the latest digital technologies or more traditional age old photo retouching practices. But you can be sure we will restore your photos back to their original luster, creating beautiful family heirlooms you will be proud to display on your walls.

Some of our photo restoration and retouching capabilities include:

*Restoring color to a color shifted or fading image
*Restoring chemical or water stained photographs
*Retouching cracked or torn photographs
*Retouching redeye, braces, facial blemishes or glare on glasses
*Removing people or a distracting background from a photo
*Restoring silvered or tarnished B&W and sepia toned photographs
*Brighten up or adjust an aged and yellowed photograph
*Adding background to a photo to get to be a certain size
*Mending torn photographs back together
*Changing a colored photograph into a B&W or sepia toned photo
*Hand tinting or coloring a B&W photograph for an age old look
*Or just adding a little punch to a flat and lifeless old image

Images of the Past™ provides a wide variety of photo printing options from economical labprints to custom archival printing. We can print from your digital files, color slides or your B&W and color DarkMarknegatives of any size.

Some of the digital photo printing option include Machine prints on glossy, lustre or metallic papers, Fine Art Giclee type prints and Canvas prints.If its film or negatives you need printed we have that covered as well. B&W Machine prints may be done from 35mm, Professional 120 sizes, square 126 & 127 size, 610, 616, and 620 negatives to name a few.

Images of the Past™ also still houses an onsite darkroom lab capable of custom B&W printing of RC prints or truly archival double weight Fiber Base prints in both B&W and sepia tone.So whether its prints for the family photo album or for a fine art gallery our experienced printers can handle all your photographic printing needs.